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"i was suckin’ air and sweatin’ bullets. i actually began pullin’ for someone just to get this thing over with."

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Last season i heard some pretty disgusting behaviour. And there was a lot of it. I cant speak for cbs, but i heard ratings went up and they benefited from it. But i hope its not chronic. And it easy to say “You know what, that went well for us, lets keep doing this. Lets keep letting this happen” and its easy to succumb to that. but its a car crash, its like 2 trains colliding. You cant let that stuff happen again. Dont sit back and do nothing, don’t sit back and let this whole thing fall apart. By virtue of your silence, youre letting people get hurt.
Kaysar Ridha, king of my heart,  on racism/bigotry in big brother (via fuckbb16)